Charleston In-Water
Boat Show
April 28-30, 2017

Brittlebank Park and Bristol Marina
0 Lockwood Boulevard
Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston In-Water Boat Show

The Charleston In-Water Boat Show takes place every April at the Bristol Marina and Brittlebank Park in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.  JBM took the helm of this show in 2014, after a five-year hiatus.  Under JBM, the show celebrated a very successful comeback, thanks to the support of the City of Charleston and the Bristol Marina, as well as the best boat dealers and manufacturers from all over the Southeast and beyond. 

Produced by JBM & Associates

JBM & Associates has a passion for creating events that meet our customers’ needs. We care about our exhibitors, sponsors and patrons. Our shows are experiences, not just events. With decades of know how and an outstanding, dedicated team, we are committed to quality in everything we do. To learn more about JBM & Associates, we welcome you to visit our website.


Brittlebank Park and Bristol Marina
0 Lockwood Boulevard Charleston, South Carolina


A special thanks to the sponsors of the Charleston In-Water Boat Show.
  • Maritime Insurance


  • Cummins Atlantic
  • Being Mindful Marketing